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Gilmore Women is a weekly newsletter from journalists Maggie Mertens and Megan Burbank examining everything that’s wrong with Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls is a show we love dearly and that also, like so many of our favorite feel-good nostalgic shows, hasn’t aged very well! Jump in with us as we explore such questions as: How does the editor of the Yale Daily News join the press pool for the Obama campaign and yet not get a job in journalism? How did the show that gave us Sookie St. James end up so fatphobic? How is the coffee at Luke’s good if it appears to come out of a Hills Bros. can? Why is everything in Babette’s home tiny? Is she a hobbit? How did Lorelai not marry Luke the second they finally admitted they are in love? And can Amy Sherman-Palladino write any love interest that is not a “bad boy who is actually really smart”?

Each weekly email will recap, analyze and critique one or two episodes of Gilmore Girls. We’ll go in order, so watch along with us, or just remember fondly—or not so fondly.

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Who Are These People?

Maggie Mertens is a writer and editor based in Seattle. She writes a lot about gender inequality as it plays out in work, culture, and sport. Her work has appeared in publications such as The Atlantic, Glamour, Deadspin, VICE, espnW, and The South Seattle Emerald.

Megan Burbank is also a writer and editor based in Seattle. Before going full-time freelance, she worked as an editor and reporter at the Portland Mercury and The Seattle Times. She specializes in enterprise reporting on reproductive health policy, which she covers nationally for outlets like NPR and The New Republic and locally for The Seattle Times, Crosscut, and The South Seattle Emerald.

In true Gilmore Girls meet-cute fashion, Maggie and Megan met working on our college newspaper.

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Two journalists discuss everything that’s wrong with every episode of “Gilmore Girls” & why we still love it


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