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"This is where this episode actually gets good." Agreed! The fight scene at Friday night dinner is one of my favorite scenes ever. I think that's what makes it hurt so much...that the show isn't consistently bad or good, but teeters back and forth. You get glimpses of what it can be...

I'm beginning to believe in the theory that they purposely set up the show to fail during Season 6. And I wholeheartedly agree that Season 7 is better. Too bad I never make it to Season 7 though because I always quit somewhere in this season!

As always, you two add so much to my love of this show by your honest critiques. Thank you for your continued criticism of Logan especially, because I've always bought his whole schtick and I feel really terrible for the younger versions of myself who really didn't know any better. Reading these posts always feels so cathartic. Keep going! You're doing something important.

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This is the episode where I start fast forwarding every time Luke comes on screen. I keep it up ‘til nearly the end of season 7.

I find it so confusing that they made Luke’s long-lost daughter and her Mom so similar to Lorelai and Rory. They look and act alike, the Mom is a fiercely independent and never married, Sherilyn Fenn was literally a finalist to star in this show... Haven’t we spent the entire series watching this?

Aren’t we all in agreement by this point that Lorelai’s a great Mom and Rory’s the ideal daughter? Why are they re-litigating the proper way to do single motherhood in the Gilmore Girls universe? What does it mean that Anna comes with all these rules to keep her daughter “safe” that are polar opposite what Lorelai did? Rory was all sorts of involved with all of her Mom’s boyfriends/fiancés and who can forget Sherry! Also, Luke’s been a staple in their home since Rory was 10!

I get ASP burning the show down by wrecking Luke and Lorelai’s relationship. Again. It sucks, but I get it. Introducing this very detailed, and pointed, storyline that tarnishes (IMHO) Lorelai’s ideal single Mom crown doesn’t.

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